Sopo, But Not Unassailable

Foreword: I want to thank all of those who came out to take my poll. The sample size was significant for a community like ours, however because of the dynamics of our community polling isn't a science. There's no way to weight numbers to be more accurate of a demographic, and there's no way to know X or Y variables that you can account for in real life. These numbers aren't the end-all-be-all, and it's not the end of the world. You should always take polls with a grain (or whole shaker) of salt. I could run the same poll tomorrow and get wildly different results based solely upon who is turning up to participate. At the end of the day there's only one poll that matters: the voting booth. So be sure that you get out and make your voice heard when it really counts on Election Day.

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I really don't think Punchwood is ready to be president just yet.

I believe we need continuity of leadership while this war is going on, and Sopo & Pierce have been great this term

i want a job

I am tentatively supporting Sopo unless Punchwood can really woo me. My largest concern with Punch is that I am not sure if he is ready to be President. His strengths are mostly Domestic stuff in a time when we're at war we need someone with a strong FA background to lead us.

Good competition. Punchwood put up a good platform.

We are fortunate to have strong candidates. Euro is in good hands, no matter the outcome

Good luck to both great candidates.

I mean, I’ve only read one platform lol. Sopo has helped our nation so.......#feelthesopo

interesting tickets and im glad to see pichtonia back in action but im not sure if someone as untested in foreign affairs as punchwood is ready to pick up the presidency in the middle of one of our greatest foreign affairs tribulations

feel meh about the election. id rather see sopo win then punchwood