Picture of the Day


Caption: Colonel John Haslet (atop horse) and The Delaware Regiment engages British forces with the 1st Maryland Regiment aka the 'Maryland 400' at the Battle of Long Island, August 27th 1776.

Caption: Winston Churchill handling a 'tommy gun' during an inspection of invasion coastal defences near Hartlepool, County Durham, England. 31 July 1940.
Darcness said:
The angle on that artillery piece is insane. They've gotta be firing at targets that are miles away.
The M777 has a heck of a range, 15mi to 25mi depending on the shell its sending. It's one of the most accurate towed artillery pieces :p

Caption: M777 Light Towed Howitzer in service with the 10th Mountain Division in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Logar Province, Charkh District, Afghanistan