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People seem to forget the very first thing Prim did in Europeia that was noteworthy: propose 3 different drastic changes to the region in the CA. One of them actually made it (the Senate Size voting we do today), but only after Drecq radically altered it. These weren't the actions of someone that became a member of our region, understood our culture, and then tried to solve a problem. These are the actions of someone that just wanted to muck with things.

I think JayDee called it right. Prim just wants change for the sake of change, and wants his name on it.
I mean I think that this charectization ignores a key factor, in that most newcomers show up with the idea to make the system bicameral or something like that. It seems to be the go to to try to make it more familiar to something they know either in RL or elsewhere in NS. Overtime these ideas became tired and were shot down over and over again. The only difference between Prim and someone like Baby GraV (me when I joined) is Prim brought some new interesting concepts to the table, at least one of which has been implemented to arguably the benefit of the region. I think that Prim has a sometimes misguided penchant for wanting change but I think that saying he is only in it for his own glory is wrong.

While I don’t know if I would use the word psycotic. I think the immediate reaction to the appointed Senators being decisively rejected by the citizenry was overblown and a bit absurd. Also I disagree with virtually every comment that suggests that a proposal is not worth it simply because it does not “reform” enough. As I have stated many many times the magnitude of reform is irrelevant. The focus should be on the likely positive impact on the region or lack there of it. It’s pretty well established that Reform alone does nothing for the longevity and health of the community.

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We will see how this turns out, but now it seems Prim and Kari have both retreated from their motion to table and call to send this back to the convention. Let’s hope they continue to be willing to work with the other senators as opposed to their previous approach which was to simply try to shut it all down when they didn’t get their way initially.

Props to Prim especially for being the first to be willing to engage in further debate. His decision further isolated Kari and really forced her to come back to the table.
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The Senate should continue to work on TLP - just because two Senators have thrown a temper tantrum because they aren't getting "enough" reform doesn't mean they have the right to hold the rest of the Senate, and indeed the entire reform process hostage. We agreed way early on in the process that slowly introducing reform would not have a positive effect and that we should pass reform at the same time. The Senate should complete its work on the TLP, allow the President to send the legislation to a referendum and then the citizenry can decide if it wants these reforms or not.